A Red Letter Day, for sure

Yesterday goes in the books as a very good day. Why?

1. Good hair day! Really. Superficial and girlie, but you just gotta love it when the day starts with good hair.

2. No cavities! After last year’s “first ever” cavities and fillings, it was nice to come in and get cleaned and hear that everything looked “perfect.” Yay!! Here’s to the start of another 40-year streak.

3. Thumbs up from the CPM! I had no idea what to expect, other than I would need to tell my story and explain my sense of call. It actually turned out to be a very warm and welcoming group of men and women, who were great listeners. I managed not to babble (at least that’s what Pastor Jefe and my session liaison said) and share a little of my personality along the way. Even the one thing I was unsure about turned out to be answered prayer. They totally agreed to my pursuing my MDiv via a newly designed distance program. I was honestly concerned that they would want me to try to move the whole household, but they understood how this would really benefit our family. Anyway – very affirming and one hoop down! Now it’s time to get that application in

4. Date night! The hubby’s boss asked him to take a potential new hire and wife out to dinner, as long as we could make it a date night. Dinner out on the boss? You betcha!

5. Refi on the house complete! A little more margin every month, a little cash in the savings account. Makes for much better sleep at night. Well, once I get a few more lingering to-do’s off the list it will.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He is good – all the time!


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