Holy Hyphenate, Batman! Who is that woman???

Today, in an email, I was described by the most fascinating hyphenate I’ve seen in a while. But it pretty well sums me up… I’m the guitar-playing-partially-post-modern-pre-seminary-student. It was in reference to the fact that I had replied to an idea as “brilliant” while pastor Jefe replied that he “could dig it.”

But I love that I’m all those things. And then some. At one point, I was a diaper-changing-track-coaching-English-teaching-movie geek. No more diapers, but tweens present their own muckiness. Seems like the -mom part of my hyphenate is here forever. The other portions are fluid, but are always there. That’s part of what led me to my Mother’s day sermon.

Still writing it and the rest of the service, really. I’m working on a service that will celebrate the women in our church, along with their beautifully diverse gifts. We’ll have all women readers, ushers, etc. The music will be led by women, and some of our youth will do an interpretive dance. I’m trying to build a liturgy that supports that celebration as well as the theme…

It’s one of those words that is woefully underused. I saw it in a “word of the day” email:

Indefatigable \in-dih-FAT-ih-guh-bul\, adjective:
Incapable of being fatigued; not readily exhausted; untiring; unwearying; not yielding to fatigue

That one word instantly connected the attribute of God that I wanted to explore on the day that most Moms just want to sit and let someone else do all the work.

God is SO VERY willing to do the work…in us, through us, around us. If we lean on Him, abide in Him, call on Him, trust in Him, God will indeed be our refuge and strength. His commands are not burdensome. Psalm 121 and probably Phil 4:13.

I’d love to know if anyone out there has prayers or other liturgical elements for Mother’s Day that they’d be willing to share 🙂


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