One of these days, I’m going to quit procrastinating

So – I’ve got a seminary application to complete, songs to choose for VBS, a sermon to map out for review by Pastor Jefe, and a handful of interactive prayer stations to develop for Day of Prayer.

What did I do tonight? Watched Pink Panther with FPK and Yaya (that’s my mom- who is a part of our multi-generational household). Well, I did also pay some bills online, empty my email inbox and wash a small load of laundry.

How can you resist a Steve Martin movie, especially with a little Jean Reno mixed in?

I must confess that after spending a day writing, fighting with my laptop (software issues that made the IT guy say “that’s interesting”) and trying desperately not to see the over-coverage of the Virginia Tech events… I really needed a little fluff.

So, tomorrow morning the sun will rise. I will rise, too, and pray for the strength, focus and inspiration I need to do the work I’ve been called to. And to prepare for the lifetime of work I’ve been called to.

Goodnight moon. Goodnight room. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon.


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