Oh, my word!

A conversation with the *FPK on the way to school yesterday morning…

“Mom, what does euthanize mean?”

‘Huh,’ thinks I, ‘last thing we mentioned aloud was that vegetarian chicken is an oxymoron. ‘ “Well, bud, what do you think it means- what’s it sound like to you?”

“Sounds to me like a way to make something younger. Youth-inating someone.”

So I launch into a dazzling breakdown of the word…  EU- meaning good or positive, THAN- having to do with death and a very famous poem entitled Thanatopsis I was required to memorize in 10th grade, –IZE being the “verbifier“… all of which add up to the idea that one might argue some deaths are positive.

“Like when?”

We’d just watched Last of the Mohicans the afternoon before (it’s one of those Action-Chik Flix that the hubby & enjoy together), so I described  how Nathaniel shot Duncan to keep him from suffering in the fire.

“Oh…”  opening the door, grabbing the backpack of doom, the brilliant kid looks back to say, “so if I were to discover the Fountain of Euthanasia, I shouldn’t drink from it…”

Yup. Walked right into that one.


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