Where’s Violet when you need her?

At the beginning of the Incredibles, we see that the teenaged daughter -Violet- has the power to be invisible. A handy trick for a girl, and certainly one that we can all relate to… sometimes we wish we could disappear. And sometimes our self-esteem is so low that we almost do.

The other power she has is even cooler. Violet could create a force field that protects her and those close to her from all sorts of peril. Falling debris, lasers, gunfire. Pretty nifty.

This is the superpower I’ve wished for this week. Not less than 3 people I love have been diagnosed with cancer this week. Two others are fighting for their lives. And that doesn’t even count the folks like Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards who are tangentially part of my life, thanks to the very public nature of their lives.

I know… it wouldn’t really work, since the force field protects from outside attacks, not internal wacked-out cell growth. But dang-it, there’s this crazy urge to gather all the people within my sphere of influence, put them in a circle and create something that would protect them.

Sure- there are lessons to learn, and opportunities for God to display His glory, and for the Body to come together in love and support, and so on. But I’d really rather not. I’d really rather see M full of life and energy and leading the mission team down to Mexico. I’d rather see L chasing those little guys around in our children’s ministry.

Do you ever feel that way? Is that part of being a shepherd- learning to deal with the frustration that there will always be lions and the darkness that surround the flock?


What do you think?

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