First, you verbify. Then you renounicate

As a recovering English teacher, I will admit to several word-related quirks. One is the almost irresistible urge to fix cheerleader-made signs which invariably say “Your the Best!” Or to add the “n” for the adults in my southern town who persist in saying that something is “broke”.

On the more positive side, my passion for words has led me to a new hobby. Collecting odd words, particularly those words that start out nouns, become verbs and then become nouns in another form…

One of my faves came from the second of Tim Allen’s Santa Clause movies. As his character was reverting from Santa to his alter ego, one of the elves says, “The deSantafication process has begun!”

N- Santa (Jolly old elf)
V- Santafy (to assume the likeness of Santa)
N – Santafication (the process of becoming Santafied)

So this week, as I am prepping a bi-lingual PowerPoint version of our bulletin for the Maundy Thursday service, I was sorting out how to split up the readings and still have legible slides for speakers of English and Spanish. My pastor pointed out that the versification of the two translations (NIV, NVI) would be a good starting point. Gotta tuck that one away.

Of course, as soon as you say deSantafication aloud, you get to its near-homophone – desanctification. Lots of opportunities for that process in the busyness that Holy Week thrusts upon us. Of course, I immediately challenged Pastor Jefe to see which of us would use the word in a sermon first…

It’s really a perfectly cromulent word!


What do you think?

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