Time to get the feat wet

OK – so I’m a sucker for puns. Well, words in general. I’ll even fess up to the fact that I subscribe to the Word of the Day email! That’s not where I ran into the word for today, however.

Non-parishable (adj) – 1. not able to enter or remain within a parish.

At least that’s how I’d define it, if it weren’t a typo on a sign soliciting donations for local food pantries. Since it was in the gym, I had a good half-hour to stare at it, leading to the inevitable musings on how one might introduce this new word into everyday life…

I wonder if non-parishable foods are ones that have been banned from church pot lucks?

Clearly, I’ve had too much time to ruminate on this, because I actually got to thinking about what it would take to for a person to earn the adjective Non-parishable.

  • Perhaps the church-hopper who can’t seem to find the “right fit”?
  • Or maybe the person who just can’t drag themselves through the sanctuary doors?
  • Or even the one who won’t integrate, in spite of all efforts at hospitality?

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